Issue 1.

Hello! And welcome to the first issue of (Drum Roll Please!) ISOLATION GAZETTE!


A weekly newsletter on how to keep yourself happy, well and busy during this era of lockdown!




The idea of this Newsletter is to help us share positive vibes and also share what we are up to. You may find yourself unemployed and worried, or employed and bored or even employed and very stressed!. So if this can add a little jazz to your life, then we are all winners.


Over the coming weeks, I hope that we can build a community, share fun things, share our passions and just keep very British. Staying calm and pretending nothing is happening! How very British!

So let's kick off with the first section.


It's called HELP!


HELP! Is a place where we can share advice or places where we can find support. So if you have any other pointers please do get in touch and I will share these in the next newsletter! 


Self Employed?

If you are self-employed check out the Governments latest support.
80% of your average profit paid per month, able to claim in June.

A very stressed looking Rishi ( We call MPs by there first name now) delivers not perfect by very good news for Freelancers.



If you are a member of any unions make sure to check out their support funds. Equity (As I work in theatre) is offering grants and subscription holidays. https://www.equity.org.uk/about/coronavirus-advice/



There are also some amazing people on twitter raising money for those in the arts falling short. Check out - https://twitter.com/JayCrutchley  https://twitter.com/lukeybarnesy https://twitter.com/BryonyKimmings



The Arts Council are setting up ways to support organisations through Grants - Be aware that they are only supporting individuals who have received or worked in public-funded projects




For top money tips and advice be sure to check out Money Super Market or follow Martin Lewis on twitter -https://twitter.com/MartinSLewis for constant video updates on financial support. 

And of course, if you need any information on applying for Universal Credit you can find more information here - https://www.gov.uk/self-employment-and-universal-credit

I spent hours on the phone not even getting connected, so please do share your UC stories with us. How much are you getting? What was your experience? It would be great to celebrate our UC stories to create better awareness of our fucking shit welfare system.



Feeling Anxious?


You are not alone. This is a very stressful time for everyone, worrying about loved ones, work and having restricted freedoms. Mind, has a great web page on top tips on looking after your mental health, and helplines if you need to talk to someone.

Do not go through this alone, we are all here for each other. https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/coronavirus-and-your-wellbeing/





Is not all about the Self Employed, if you are a business or need help with other aspects of your life, or have any pointers that can help people. Please do get in touch!



Need some cheap cooking ideas? Jack Monroe is an absolute legend and has been supporting people with cheap recipes for years. Her story is amazing and her food is top-notch. https://cookingonabootstrap.com/

Jamie Oliver will no doubt call his next book 'Cooking in an apocalypse' Or 'Thank fuck I shut my restaurants when I did' either way he is cooking for the nation every day and has some great top tips







We are all spending a lot of alone time, and with the lack of toilet roll we can't just pleasure the time away, so RELAX! is here to help you unwind,



A lot of my friends are worried about going out for their allocated exercise time, but will happily go into a busy shop, but that is another story… So what can we do to stay fit during lockdown?


YOGA! Yoga with Kassandra is a great way to kick start your day. Lots of free videos to wake up your body. Now remember Kassandra is fit and flexible, but no one can hear you groan and moan, so whatever your ability, get on the floor and move a little. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pKly2JojMw












Feeling too old? Well, one you are not old, but Yoga may be too young and hippie for you. So this is a great time to embrace the Feldenkrias Method. Gentle movement to improve mobility. This is a great video to get you going














Garden in your home. Not got any outdoor space? Then why don't you bring the outdoors in? This great talk tells you all about how to go from a boring flat TO a garden flat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhvfOlPYifY













What are you doing to RELAX!? Please get in touch with other tips and pointers for passing the endless hours of nothingness.







This section is all about what we are reading, watching and listening. What are your Netflix's Favorites? Your Prime Delights? Your BBC Naughties?




Currently, we are watching American Vandal, an outrageous mockumentary delivered in the Netflix docu-series style. If you find DICKS funny, you will love this. Thanks for the recommendation Nik!















On Amazon Prime, we have tucked into Hunters. Al Pacino and his band of revengeful hunters seek out the underground Nazi party living in America. Mixing fact with fiction this new series might be like Marmite, but I rather enjoyed it. Did you?












We Watched Lion the other night, and if you are lacking tissues in the house, you might need a towel!




Saroo gets separated from his family at the age of five and ends up being adopted by an Australian couple. However, he returns to India 25 years later to search for his birth parents.

Watch on Netflix or Stream for £3.














Audible is making hundreds of titles available for free to help people cope with self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

So if the little ones need a new story or you do, be sure to check it out!






Each week I will be sharing your Isolation Songs. These are the tunes that are getting you through or take you to your happy place. Think desert island discs, but you are stuck at home…




This week I am sharing my own. I saw this performed Live in Hyde Park back in the days when we could stand closer than 25 meters from the next human. I think it's full of love and reminds me of happy times with Tilley.

Mumford & Sons Ft Babba Maal. There Will be Time














Please do get in touch and share your songs, tips, favorite films, the books you're reading or the TV you are watching. Everything is great. Nothing is wrong. Let's share and discover new things!


It would be great if you could also share visuals of your Isolation life, these could be pictures, little films & drawings. Let's bring our lives to each other during this time of separation. Are you doing gigs online? Or have any pointers for cooking? Anything! Let us know.


If you would like to see anything else in this newsletter please feel free to get in touch and share. And please feel free to share this with all your friends who may need it in their lives. 



If you would like to be added to the email list, email me on Matthew@calf2cow.co.uk so I can add you to the list.



Remember to stay 2 meters apart, buy endless toilet roll and help people when you can.


Loads of love

Matt xxx



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