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A Bit About Me

Matthew Emeny has been producing, performing and creating theatre, film, and music since he was small. Not really knowing what he was doing Matthew would gather friends and put on Little Britain shows in the school hall, quiz games, comedy shows and perform with his band, Satellite Sally. At Sixth Form Matthew picked up a camera and little did he know began crafting his directing-devising style he applies to all his work today. His first film DAYDREAM, that was improvised and made up on the spot when he was 17, won him the Connections best Director award, and a screening at the Southhampton shorts, however, it was played during the break, as it had some swearing in it. Matthews's latest film, directed by Martin Denham, Othello Noir, won in 2018 Kenneth Branagh's Best Inspired Film by Shakespeare. (Not made up on the spot, it took 3 years to make) 


During his MA in Creative Producing at Bath Spa University Matthew looked out the window and saw a baby and mummy cow eating a nice bit of grass, on that day Calf 2 Cow was born!


Now being the label under all his work, Calf 2 Cow has a passion to make theatre and film accessible to all ages and all people. With work ranging from live horror to family-friendly Christmas shows, Calf 2 Cow brings chaos to all his work, in the hope to bring about lasting memories of fun and adventure. Calf 2 Cow thinks the chaos comes from his Dyslexia… You can find Calf 2 Cow in the street, in old shops, pubs and theatre festivals. 


If you would like to know more about Matthews's other work as a performer teacher, producer, director and creator please follow the link to his CV and Spotlight.


Theatre-Maker CV

Acting Spotlight

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