DAYDREAM was created in 2011 and is Matthew Emeny's first public work. 
The film was devised on location with the actors and formed through an editing process. Matthew won Best Director at the Connextions film awards in Basingstoke

NIGHTFLYER (2015/16)

Nightflyer by Martin Malcolm, Dir James Woodhams
Bath Fringe (2015)
The Egg Uncracked (2015)
Tristan Bates (2015)
Lion and Unicorn (2016)

Five Bristol teens, out on the lash. It's cold, it's dark, the streets are spinning. Spook won't wake up and nobody's seen the NightFlyer ... A sell-out at The Tristan Bates and a wild and wonderful run at The Lion and Unicorn.


"Emeny’s sensitive portrayal of Jamster, tormented by an incident in the past and confused about his sexuality, stands out among five strong performances" 
Reviews Hub

 "an absorbing piece of theatre that grabbed myself and the rest of the audience and kept us spellbound until the final moment."
London Theatre 1

"Emeny is so quick and sly that you don’t realise what you’re thinking until it’s too late."
A Younger Theatre


Footprints Devised by Matthew Emeny and Emma Jenkin, Dir Josh Whatsize, Written by Matthew Emeny.
Created in 10 days.

Bath Fringe (2017)

Devised from a single idea that explores, exposes and challenges the love, stress and anxiety of a young soldier returning home.

"This is hard-hitting, gut-wrenching stuff, and their performances are faultless, mesmerising; the onstage rapport palpable, the emotional truth shattering in its impact.”

“This beautifully-crafted production is a theatrical experience of
exceptional power, meaning, and truth. More, please.”

Theatre Bath


Written by William Shakspeare
Adapted by Martin Denham & Matthew Emeny

Dir Martin Denham

Winner: Best film inspired by Shakespeare - Shakespeare Birth Place Trust

Official Selection: British Urban Film Festival
Official Selection: Dancing Spider Film Festival (USA) 

Greed, Betrayal, and Murder...


"Visually impressive, and even lush, it has great maturity cinematically, and becomes a full-blooded account of the green-eyed monster that is jealousy"

Sir Kenneth Branagh 


BACKPAGE (2018/19)

BackPAGE created and directed by Calf 2 Cow.


SparkFest Bath (2018)
Lion and Unicorn (2019)




Written and Directed by Matthew Emeny

Designed by Immy Howerth 

Lighting Design by Connor Sullivan

Sound Design by Mike Jordan


Cast and Company:


Mike Difford

Holly Fripp

Savannah Davies

Colleen Hedley 

Tommy Carmichael

Running away from home to start a new life, Lucky finds herself quickly tumbling into the hands of a cult. They own everything, and soon they will own her. This twisted new tale exposes how your soul can be taken and sold in a heartbeat.

 It's never been easier.


  ‘…a chaotic and chilling fusion of high emotion, fantastic choreography and direction and a courageous cast who put everything on the line…’
London Pub Theatre Review

"the stellar performances and faultless production value all contributed to telling this depressing story in the way it was intended. One to watch if you’re in the mood for an hour of insane theatre”

Theatre Bath

Matt Left - Martin Denham Right


The Suitcase Memorial, created by Matthew Emeny & Directed by Josh

 Commissioned in July 2018 by the Coburg University of Design,
Germany and the Harbutt Fund, Bath Spa University Alumni, to be presented
within the Beyond Forgetting Symposium held at the Coburg Design University,

The Suitcase Memorial is a highly visual street performance.  The piece presents the stories, taken from the past and present, of
those who have left home, to fight, protect, seek refuge and find hope. These
highly visual specters, with their faces tired, dusty and grey, their clothes beaten
and broken. Some are dressed in fine suits and Sunday dresses, others in life
jackets, military uniforms and shorts and T-shirt. All have flowers wrapped
around their heads, and with every step, petals fall from their pockets. Carrying
their battered suitcases, they roam the streets, a new unfamiliar world, with
every new corner, building and person being terrifying.


Father Christmas's Workshop

Created by Calf 2 Cow

Bath Milsom Place - Found Location (2019)



Directed by Matthew Emeny

Music and book by Liam Attwood, Charlie Limm and Matthew Emeny
Associate Producer: Glenda Ng

Designed by Rosemary Ibbotson


In Partnership With

Natural Theatre Company

Bath BID
Milsom Place
Bath Spa Productions


Performed by
Charlie Limm, Liam Atwood, Matthew Emeny  and Eamonn Fleming

An Immersive Musical Adventure for All Families

Help snow elves, Coco, Dave and Sprinkles collect the magical Wonderberries, a wondrous
fruit that helps the reindeer fly. If they aren’t collected in time, Christmas could be canceled!
Oh no! Can you help save Christmas?
Embark on a magical adventure with us as we take you through snowy snowball fields, over
giant mountains and sail across the creaking lost ice beds to help find the Wonderberries!

"One of the best experiences ever and I've been taking my children to different places for the last 8 years! it was so memorable x"

Facebook Review


"Fantastic experience
Really worth the money unlike most Santa visits
My children loved every minute
They’re still singing the songs now" 
Facebook Review