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The ship, Wave Goodbye to Your Sanity, has been lost at sea for weeks, or perhaps it is years? Crewed by three buffoonish, broken, musical playing sailors, they need your help on a journey of incredible highs and sudden lows as they battle against the stormy seas.


Brought alive through sea shanty, drums, guitars, harpsichords, and song. An adventure for all the family, as we sail over madness and wave goodbye to our sanity.


Come join us aboard our ship, climb the rigging, have water-fights, throw colour bombs, light flares, stamp the floor, sing your heart out and let the mayhem be unleashed!



The Wave is heading back out on the road this summer. Sailing up to street parties, festivals, theatres, the high street and rural touring.

The tour runs from May to July and more dates are being booked! 

So grab your water gun and come and unleash your inner mayhem!

Scroll down to see a full list of our performances.

“A Weird And Wonderful Maritime World”



MAST Theatre - Guildhall Square - 27th May
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Salisbury International Festival - 29th May

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Southside Youth Center - Bath - 3rd June

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Sherston Village Hall Feild - 4th June
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Bath, York Street - SPARKFEST - 5th June
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Eastleigh Unwrapped Festival - 11th & 12th June
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Roadwater Recreation Ground - 19 June

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Bruton Club, Quaperlake St - Saturday 9 July

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Bryan Young Community Field - Penselwood - 10 July

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Festival of The Sea - Grimbsy - 16th July

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Creator, Writer, Director
Assistant Director

Movement Director
Youth Coordinator
Community Artist
Assistant Designer
Set Construction

Matthew Emeny
Lex Kaby
Emile Clarke
Ali Campbell
Maya Wolfe
Cory Shipp
Nicola Crawford
Mayford Arts


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Matthew Emeny


Ros Ford

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Samuel Freeman