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Calf 2 Cow Productions is an award winning production company based in Bath. Our work ranges from walkabout street theatre, to horror shows. From bonkers buffoning clown shows to thriller films. 


Created and led by Matthew Emeny, Calf 2 Cow aims to become a leading production house in the South West. Touring our work across the country and the planet.


Our theatre work takes place outdoors and in. Always striving to immerse our audience in an experience to remember. Be that through a jolly good belly laugh, a water fight, or a scary fright. A Calf 2 Cow event is not proper and polite, we like to be a little bit cheeky. And maybe a little bit daring too.


Our films, even though they are thin on the ground, have won us awards, and gained international attention. We create vibrant thrillers and grungy atmospheric tales.

Matthew Emeny

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Kerry Irvine       Josh Beaumount 

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